Patio Heaters & Fire Pits - Enjoy the Cool Fall Evenings Outdoors

Luxury Patio Furniture For The Conejo & San Fernando Valley

October and November are wonderful months in Southern California to enjoy outdoor socializing and dining on the patio. But fall evenings can be cool, even here in paradise.

Luckily, with a heater or two and a fire pit to gather round, late afternoons and evenings outside can be comfortable and provide a break from the ordinary.

Outdoor Heaters

There is a wonderful variety of outdoor heaters available, leaving you free to choose a style that matches your outdoor décor. Along with providing heat and ambient light, contemporary heaters come offer innovations like a collapsible design. Here are a few to help spark your imagination.

Curve® Outdoor Infrared Heater

The Curve Outdoor Infrared heater provides warmth in your favorite areas especially those places that used to be nearly impossible to heat. Its cantilevered design puts the infrared heating element directly over your dining or lounging areas to direct almost all of its heat downward and practically eliminates wasted energy from vertical heat loss. It also features electronic ignition for one-touch lighting.

Feeling a bit too warm? The Curve’s Hi – Lo setting lets you dial in just the right amount of heat. Its Infrared technology and 32,000 BTU operation throws a full 12-foot radius of heat.

Curve is available in a variety of finishes, including Copper, Bronze, Titanium and more.

Axis Outdoor Collapsible Heater

The Axis Outdoor Collapsible Heater boasts an innovative collapsible design for versatile operation and easy storage. Its commercial-grade glass tube provides a six-foot radius of heat. In addition to its warming comfort, the radiant tube bathes your outdoor area with the shimmering glow of a fire pit.

Halo Outdoor Traditional Heater

Traditionalists will love the Halo Outdoor Traditional Heater. It provides a 10-foot heat radius with 48,000 BTU, and eight hours of operation on a standard propane tank. With commercial-grade construction, including high-strength 304 grade steel, the Halo is extremely durable and available in five premium finishes, including Titanium.

Fire & Heat

Brown Jordan Solstice Fire Pit

Fire pits and fire tables give you a beautiful and functional way to stay warm and gather with family and friends around an entrancing focal point. Choose from a range of shapes, sizes and material in various configurations for dining, bar entertaining or just for decoration.

OW Lee Fire Pits

Pacific Patio Furniture offers you an incredible variety of fire pits and table from the leading manufacturers — including Agio, Brown Jordan and OW Lee — each one promising high-quality construction, beautiful design and true value. These stylish fire pits and tables are a fusion of elegance and functionality, and most are equipped with ample table space perfect for entertaining guests. In addition, you can choose from collections that include concrete outdoor fire tables that operate on natural gas, ethanol and propane fuel. What’s more, concrete fire pits and tables are available in natural, graphite, bone or rust concrete finishes.

Fire Media

One of the most striking recent developments is the explosion of media available for use in a fire pit or table — everything from hi-heat ceramic rocks with lava granules to colored fire glass. The different media allows you you choose a striking design that will delight your guests and perfectly complement the design of your outdoor furniture. 

Choose Your Fuel

Whether you choose a full-size fire pit or table or a smaller fire pit, you’ll need to consider the type of fuel you will be burning. Each fuel has its own style and aesthetic qualities, along with a few other factors.


Clean burning but provides less heat, and requires some maintenance.

Natural gas

A great choice if you have a natural gas line available from your home. Natural gas emits plenty of heat and you never have to worry about stocking up on fuel.


Provides plenty of heat and is easily available in the familiar propane tank.


A classic option with all the familiar benefits — crackling sound, plenty of heat and a wonderful smell — along with that old tradeoff — wood storage and ash cleanup.