Eye Candy for Your Patio - KNF-Neille Olson Mosaics

Neille Olson

KNF-Neille Olson Designs makes intricate stained-glass motifs mounted in colored concrete into magnificent tables and accessories. These mosaic tables feature hand-cut tiles made from opaque stained glass, marble or travertine and then hand laid into colored concrete for a durable and beautiful furniture piece. The designs and color choices are radiant, dramatic, romantic, and traditional, adding just the right focal point to any setting.

Neille Olson, President and CEO of KNF-Neille Olson has a deep passion and dedication to her designs and is committed to making each creation better than the last. Her mosaic tables boast iridescent waves of color, deep sophisticated hues, fresh designs and durability measured in decades.

KNF-Neille-Olson Designs

These outdoor furniture pieces are always breathtaking.If you are looking for dining or bistro set, the KNF-Neille Olson Mosaic Tables make a beautiful and charming addition to any patio setting. First, pick the base style, finish and size in iron or aluminum:


Then choose your table top:

Or if you prefer high dining, choose bar height or counter height seating:

KNF-Neille Olson Bar

You can also create end tables in either single tier or double tier tier style:

                  KNF-Neille Olson Mosaic End Table

KNF-Neille Olson also offers a modern collection with a more contemporary mosaic styling like this serving cart:

Neille Olson Mosaic Serving Car

There are many other types of mosaic options available from KNF Designs. Feel free to call Pacific Patio Furniture and we will help you create the perfect KNF-Neille Olson Mosaic Furniture Piece for your backyard setting.

Good creative design has no limits, so every Neille Olson mosiac comes in every shape and size.

Your favorite design in your favorite spaces. Inside and out with unmatched variety and selection.

Come see these beautiful uniquely designed furniture pieces at our showroom in Agoura Hills.