Outdoor patio umbrellas not only provide a shady spot to relax with friends on a hot summer afternoon, they enhance your yard’s design with style and flair. Pacific Patio Furniture offers you a wonderful assortment of colors, types, materials, and styles — all so you can select the ideal umbrella to complement your patio, deck or yard.

Here’s what you need to know to find the perfect outdoor patio umbrella for you. 


• Cantilever


Cantilever umbrellas are identified by the shape of the stand, which can be curved or hinged. The advantage of the cantilever design is that it can easily be tilted to provide shade all day long. Pacific Patio Furniture carries a variety of durable, high-quality cantilever umbrellas from Galtech International, Sun Garden, Treasure Garden and Tucci. 

• Market


If you’re looking for a classic umbrella design, Market umbrellas are the ones for you. Simple and elegant, contemporary market umbrellas have stylish features like LED lights on the underside to provide stylish nighttime illumination. Many also feature a tilt design to adjust the umbrella for the angle of the sun. Pacific Patio Furniture carries a wide variety of high-quality market umbrellas from Galtech International, Treasure Garden and Tuuci.

• Commercial


Commercial umbrellas are built with the high-quality construction and durability that café and bistro owners demand, but they’re also stylishly designed to fit right into a proud homeowner’s backyard. Pacific Patio Furniture carries a wide range of tough and durable commercial umbrellas from Treasure Garden, Galtech International and Tucci.

• Specialty


Specialty umbrellas can be anything from a simple, small shade that clamps onto your lounge chair to a full-blown portable outdoor living room! Browse among our selection and let your imagination soar.


Virtually every part of an umbrella comes in a different type of material. Looking for an umbrella with a teak pole? No problem, we have them. Love to have an art deco umbrella base? Or need your umbrella to mount on wheels? Again, no problem. Browse around a bit and you’ll see how many options you really have. 


Think all umbrellas are round? Think again. At Pacific Patio Furniture you’ll find octagon, oval, pentagon, rectangular, square — and yes, round — umbrellas. Pick the shape that matches your yard or deck’s design.